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Tatvabodh Arya

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Hi, I’m Tatva

Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Nutritionist, and a Fitness Author

Hi, I am Tatvabodh Arya aka " The Muscle Professor", a certified fitness trainer, sports nutritionist, and the world's youngest internationally published fitness author. What started as a passion to train people and help them in their process of leading a healthy lifestyle has now taken the shape of a full-fledged profession for me.


Training people gives me pleasure like no other, and that constantly drives me towards my ambition to make India Fit. Keeping the same broader goal in mind I launched my own series of health supplements under the brand name  "HUON" to fuel people with what's right.

So If you are gushing with your adrenaline levels to accomplish your fitness goals, here is your stop.

Books By Tatva


The Cardinal Gain

16- Weeks Muscle Building Guide

The Cardinal Gain has an amalgam of the supreme nutritional package, chiseled workouts and effective supplementation keynotes to become a Beginner's perfect stop for a 16-Week muscle Building Guide. Every single aspect either monetary confinements, dietary restrictions or others has been taken care of while designing the E-book. The book is an outcome of sheer practice, experiments and gathered knowledge through people and experience.


Give It Your All

90-Days Fat to Fit Guide

This book ‘give it your all’ is a perfect fat loss guide for beginners who are looking for an option to start their fat-to-fit transformation. The book has been designed keeping in mind the questions, problems and, limitations of people from all walks of life. Staying fit and healthy not only helps you to prevent inferior complexities but also is a personality Booster in itself. being soothing to the body, mind, and pocket of course.

Makeitth True

12- Weeks Home Workout Guide

Makeitth True in true sense is 12 weeks approx 90-Days Home Workout guide for the beginners of all age groups and body formats, to achieve and accomplish their set body goals of either losing body fat or gaining muscle at their comfort, space, and time. This book houses an excellently designed and well-researched workout section that deals with procedures and benefits in detail.

Intense Training

Train For


With a coach who has experience of transforming people depending upon the body goal, the result of all your efforts is assured to be achievable.

We all want to achieve results, but remember doing it with someone who knows it better always helps in easing the process and increase the chance of improvement in results.

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