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What makes the human race invincible is its sick work ethic. We have been blessed with senses to explore and realize the importance of consistency and discipline when it comes to fitness. We at team TATVA believe in helping people explore the hidden jewels of fitness the human body holds. We strongly believe human physique when combined with the right teachings can work miracles .

Train With Tatva Edition

Train with TATVA edition helps you in realizing the extreme potential your physique carries and helps you in improving your craft. Every single physique has its own share of stories and struggles, and every single physique expresses the zeal and passion of its beholder.

Ever since I took up training clients as a part of my profession, I felt the idea of the right training and nutrition must be carried to the people in an appealing and accurate way. I have always stressed presenting only what is true and eradicating everything that is false.


My training plans, sessions, and modules are not only designed for the beginners of the intermediates but also has regulated pattern for the competitive athlete. The programs are available in monthly variants with customized workout and nutrition patterns.

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Contest Prep

A custom workout plan will be provided to you post registration depending upon your goals, body structure, and month duration. The plans will be either for gym, or home or even both as per your suitability.

Your nutrition plan will be customized as per your goals. These meal plans will me made available for all feeding types. Remember, Nutrition is what makes you grow. Any allergies will be taken into account as well.



Supplements have undoubtedly escalated the fitness standards for good. If you opt for supplement plan you will be avised about the usage and dosage of supplements. Plus you get extra 10% off on HUON .

At times as an athlete we require some advance patterns of nutrition, workout and much more to prove ourselves on stage. This prep module will help you bring your best on the stage.



Full Customization

Your plans will be customized as per your goals and body composition. As a trainer, the priority should always be on doing things that actually work in the best way.

Gym Workout

Enhanced Connectivity

With the purchase of a fitness plan, you will get access to my personal social media and thus enable the connectivity 24/7 


Extra Discounts

Last but not least, with a subscription to the fitness plans you will also get access to official range of HUON Supplements at extra 10% Off